Like mindfulness meditation is a physical reminder to be aware, our products are physical reminders to connect with different parts of your spirit.


Worthy Line

The Worthy line, reminds you to be gentle and compassionate with yourself through self-care activities you already do: like unwinding in a bath, moisturizing your body, or applying a face mask.


As a set, all products support the “ultimate” self-care experience, but can also be used individually to elevate your usual routine.


The Worthy line is Calgary's first self-care line helping you connect with your *higher self and become your own best friend. Support your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing today.


Higher Self

*higher self | high·er sĕlf

 n. The person you aspire to be. The one you catch glimpses of when feeling your best.




All-natural, Always: Our products only contain high-functioning, all-natural ingredients, so not only can you feel good about what you're putting on your skin, but also about what happens with those ingredients as they are washed down your drain.

Magically Crafted: This product is prayed over and blessed so that it works for your highest good.

Handmade with Love: This product is handmade with love by local artisans in small-batches in Calgary, Alberta.

Soulful Ritual: Each product comes with a soulful ritual, helping you incorporate meditation into your beauty routine.

Mini Vial- Pink Coconut Bath Crystals

  • Delight your spirit and senses with these decadent bath crystals that naturally transform your bath water pink (with beetroot), inspiring you to soak up loving energies through meditation while leaving your skin luxuriously supple. Draw out negativity and replace it with nourishing compassion.


    A full-body soak in loving, nourishing energy awaits. 


    Affirmation: "I soak in a bath of pink energy, allowing my heart to absorb unlimited love and compassion"


    Spiritual Bath: A spiritual bath helps clear your mind, purify your spirit and rejuvenate your soul. It involves more than cleansing your physical body, it helps you focus on yourself as a spiritual being, helping you sooth your mental, e