Worthy- Luxury Body Oil


March 14th, 1984






Find some uninterrupted time for yourself. Play soft music. Prepare a soft robe to put on after the ritual.

Take two quick breaths in through your nose.


Exhale forcefully for 5 counts, making an audible “haaa” sound.


Inhale - Hold - Exhale

2|2 - 3 - 5

“I now begin to practice gratitude towards my wonderful body”

Apply a few drops of oil to each of the following areas, while repeating the associated loving affirmations.

Thank you feet, for allowing me the freedom to explore wherever I please, and for all of the wonderful places you’ve taken me thus far.


Thank you calves, for helping me successfully stretch to reach objects and goals above me.


Thank you knees, for giving my body the flexibility to walk, sit and cross my legs in prayer or meditation.


Thank you thighs, for giving me the strength to support the burdens I carry in life.

Thank you bum, for containing my root chakra, the haven in my body where I can find my groundedness, sense of security in myself, and my connection to mother earth.


Thank you pelvis, for containing my sacral chakra, the haven in my body where I can connect to feeling pleasure in all forms, and my innate creative energy.


Thank you tummy, for containing the muscles I need to keep me balanced, and the organs that work without my conscious effort to keep my beautiful body, mind, and spirit healthy.

Thank you for containing my solar plexus chakra, the haven in my body from where I experience blissful joy, confidence in myself, and the ability to assert my power.


Thank you back, for keeping my spirit upright, confident and strong. Thank you for carrying important signals from my brain to the rest of my body.


Thank you chest, for containing my heart, the haven in my body from where I can experience unconditional love, compassion, gratitude and hope. Thank you for allowing me to feel the complex emotions of being human, the light and the heavy.


Thank you arms and hands for allowing me to arrange the world to my liking, and to build and create the life of my dreams.

Thank you neck, for containing my throat chakra, the haven in my body from where I can speak my truth, and connect with those around me through communication.

Robe up, and go about your day, filled with the knowledge that you are wonderfully whole and complete, and capable of accomplishing anything you set your sights on.



Love your wonderful body as it helps you live out the life of your dreams.

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The Ritual