More About Athena's Apothecary

Hi there neighbour! My name is Ana Tanase, and I’m the founding mother of Athena’s Apothecary: a mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness company. The ethos of Athena’s Apothecary is combining ancient wisdom with modern science to create fresh, feminine wellness products.

My Story

Real Talk: it took TWO whole mental breakdowns for me to take a serious look at how my unrealistic expectations of myself, my negative self-image,  and my extreme approach to goal-setting were killing me slowly. I decided to take a break from everything that had been triggering the negativity— everything I had been doing just because it was expected of me by others. It was time to address my shadow self, and work on healing my personal traumas.


During this time I allowed myself to get back in tune with what it meant to be ME. During this time, I began to fall in love with who I was, and with life as a whole again. I discovered beautiful tools, mindsets, and exercises that I could lean on for support along the way.


Athena's Apothecary was Born

These lessons are what I hope to share with you. I hope this can be a resource you can lean on for support both when you are feeling raw and upset, and when you are thriving and living your best life!


I’m honoured you dropped by. I hope you benefit from the resources I’ve shared here. I’m excited to see you grow daily into the person you are meant to be!